Summer Fun at Big Surf {giveaway}

by Nicolle on July 21, 2013

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Big Surf Waterpark

I was provided with 4 complimentary tickets to Big Surf and another pair for the giveaway in exchange for this post. And is written with my opinion.

My Sister and I recently took the kids to Big Surf here in Phoenix for the first time. My Sister had visited once before, but my kids & I hadn’t. And I was certainly glad to have been introduced to it.

Big Surf Waterpark is America’s Original Waterpark, boasting the 3rd largest wave pool in the world, Waikiki Beach.  Nestled on 20 acres of fun on the northern tip of Tempe and just south of Scottsdale, Big Surf offers rides for the whole family, boasting children’s fun zones, surfing and boogie boarding sessions, and over 3,000 feet of thrilling water slides plus party and catering services!

Now my waterpark knowledge is based off of one other waterpark that I have ever visited in my life, while living in Oklahoma. I honestly thought that most waterparks were similar. Big Surf proved to be different and quickly became a favorite of mine. To start, Big Surf has wet sidewalks, or what I called at the time of our visit, water highways. You can walk on the normal sidewalk, but these are filled with a little bit of water so you don’t burn your feet or need to take your shoes with you. I was super excited about this feature and think it’s genius…especially here in Arizona where our temps reach 120+ degrees in the Summer.

Big Surf

The kids are getting older and looking to do more activities on their own and frankly my kids could use some time away from this semi-helicopter Mom. So when we found the Kool Kids Zone (big kid area), I, as a Mom was in heaven and I know my kids were too. It’s an area that has a huge pool about 2 ft deep with built in concrete benches that are sunken in the water, to hang out and watch your kids. It also features a cute rainbow slide, consisting of about 6-7 slides, and each slide was a different color of the rainbow. Then there was another set of 2 slides that twisted a bit for the kids.

My kids & nephew took turns trying to see who made it to the end first on the set of 2 slides. They also enjoyed picking their favorite color of the rainbow to slide down on. To top it off, no adults could go down any of the slides in the Kool Kids Zone. My kids were smitten and loved the freedom they had playing in this area. And the adults got time to themselves and just hung out in the large pool, while they played…of course we kept on eye on them to make sure they were okay ;)

After the Kool Kids Zone, we headed on to the wave pool. This is no ordinary wave pool, let me tell you. First, if you aren’t a certain height they make the kids wear life vests, even if they know how to swim. And at first we were really thrown off guard on that, but then understood once the first wave came through, that it was a great rule. It’s really easy to get swept under the water. And it was easier to wrangle the kids with the life vests.

The intervals for the waves, seemed to come about every 2-5 minutes. I didn’t have a watch on, so I’m really guesstimating here. And they weren’t waves that went on for 20 minutes or so constantly, it was just like you were at the beach…with normal time waves. We had such a blast at the wave pool, we didn’t want to leave, but then we realized we wanted to explore the rest of the waterpark.

We rode a few twisting, dark slides in double and single rafts. The kids had a blast with the rides and imagine this…carrying their own rafts. Then tried another where the kids all got their own single raft to go down a twisting, dark slide…no fighting, they loved the freedom. While waiting on the stairs for the ride, we saw the toddler area. I asked the kids, ages 5, 5-1/2 & 6-3/4 (yes, yes, 6-3/4…she insists) if they wanted to play down there and they unanimously said, “no, we aren’t babies”…too cute! So we only saw it from above. If we had “babies” it would be a great, calming place to take them.

Make note, if you have a surf board, there is one hour of “Surfing only” at 5 p.m. everyday. And for those without surf boards, get in your wave pool time before 5pm. By the time we went back to the wave pool, it was closed to Surfing only, which meant I had one sad 6-3/4 little girl. But I promised we’d be back again sometime this season!

Big Surf

With Summer lasting forever here in Arizona, the days Big Surf is open, is extra long: May 4 thru September 29. Which gives you plenty of time to play, have fun and spend quality time with your family…OR take Surf lessons. Because they are available!

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