Recipe: Chocolate Banana Shake

by Nicolle on July 26, 2012

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With my Husband’s recent Wisdom teeth removals, came the need for soft foods. A lot of soft foods. My goal was to make sure there was enough on hand, so he wouldn’t be tempted to eat crunchy-not-so-soft foods.

It took me a couple stores & ideas of what to keep on hand…such as, jello, pudding, cottage cheese, yogurt, soup & oatmeal (but not hot), etc. I also purchased ice cream…it’s like a delicacy at home. I also managed to procure a Chocolate Banana Shake once a day from Sonic. The first time, I got lucky and was after 8pm, so they were 1/2 price! The following days, I wasn’t so lucky, because he needed the shakes earlier and more often, so I had to shell out about $6 for a large shake…NOT FUN!

So I set out to make my own version. I mean how hard could it be to mix banana, milk & chocolate together?! Well, to be honest, I started off with the idea to make Banana Ice Cream…and that lead to the Chocolate Banana Shake :)

I started off by slicing 4 bananas and froze them overnight.

(I used a flexible Ikea cutting board, because that is all I could fit in my side by side fridge/freezer.)

Once completed, I choose to put about half of them in my Magic Bullet!

No milk, no liquid…just frozen cut up bananas.

And because I thought you could just puree the frozen bananas, I was wrong…it turned out looking like saw dust, so I added milk…and more milk…and then it became a shake.

BTW…I was re-researching this just now, and I *could* have been a bit more patient with the sawdust looking material & would have became creamy, according to some pinners on Pinterest…I will never know :)

Now, back to my new creation…the shake! The more and more milk I put in, the creamier it became and the easier it was to puree.

The finished product…a Banana Shake.

But wait, there’s more! It was SO sweet tasting that I wanted to round it out in flavor, that I remembered the shakes I had been buying Hubby and added the chocolate syrup.

Hubby LOVED his shakes and wanted more. But this was much more time consuming than I had expected, plus I’m not much of a banana fan…so to me, they were okay.

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