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by Nicolle on March 13, 2013

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OWG Old World Gourmet

OWG [Old World Gourmet] is an upscale food and beverage company, that is especially known for its fabulous line of frozen drink mixers. The frozen drink mixers can be easily mixed with wine (Vino-Licious line) or liquor and champagne (Dot Box Bar Mixers). OWG also carries some fantastic foods that pair great with the mixers & make your party or get together even better.

OWG Old World Gourmet Drinks & Snacks

I recently received a fantastic box filled with great yummies to try, including the Peach Bellini Vino Freeze Mix, Lemoncillo Vino Freeze Mix and the Cracker Smack. I immediately got to work getting the ingredients needed to try the Vino Freezes and Cracker Smack. I was super excited, especially since the two Freeze Mixes are my normal drinks when/if we go out.

According to the boxes of the Vino Freeze Mixes, Pino Grigio is the ideal wine to add to the mix. Simply add a bottle of your favorite white wine in a pitcher, then fill the bottle with water and add to the pitcher of wine and mix in the contents of the box. Stir. Chill until cold and then add a cup of ice & a cup of prepared mix & blend. NOTE: Learning from experience, let the mixture chill before blending with ice. It still tasted delicious, despite my mishap, but wasn’t too icy, it was slushy.

Both the Lemoncillo and Peach Bellini are amazingly tasty. Sometimes they can be a bit too sweet, so I add more ice. The only downside, is it’s taking up my fridge, as I didn’t have a party to share with friends yet. I’m going to be putting them in zip bags to freeze to have later.

OWG Cracker Smack

Oh WOW, the Cracker Smack. This comes highly recommended. After gathering my ingredients to use, I started the fun process of making. I chose to use the mini Saltines, instead of the larger ones. When you use the Mini’s, you need 2 boxes. I forgot this part and only bought one, however I had a bag of Oyster crackers laying around, unused, so I added those to the mix.

Cracker Smack “Kicks Crackers in the Ass!”, oh and is it spicy! Simply use the provided bag, add 1-1/2 cups of canola oil or olive oil. I used Olive Oil, since I had it on hand. Then toss with the mix, once mixed, add your chosen crackers and toss gently until coated. Once completed, continue to toss the crackers every 10-15 minutes for about an hour. Then you leave it to sit in the bag overnight. The next morning, the kids & hubby were so excited to try it because they were so intrigued by the process and watching.

I pretty much can’t handle spicy foods, but I’m always willing to give them a try. With that said, our Spicy tolerance is pretty low around here. We all thought it was burning our tongues-off spicy. However, my hubby couldn’t stop eating them, of course we had glasses of milk nearby. However, when my Sister came over, we had her try them and she & her hubby didn’t think they were spicy at all and liked them. They love spicy food and eat Jalapeno’s for fun.

If I had a party going on, I’d definitely add these to make it extra special & fun. In addition to the products I received to review, OWG also carries other Wine Mix flavors, such as Margarita,  Blueberry Pomegranate, Wine Ice and Sangria. You will also find a great selection of Cocktail Mixers, Gourmet Snacks, and Party in a Pitcher.

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