Kids Have Fun Stumping Magic Jinn Game {giveaway}

by Nicolle on September 17, 2013

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We received a complimentary Magic Jinn, as a member of BzzAgent to review & bzz about.

Magic Jinn game

My kids enjoy guessing games, questions and animals…what kid doesn’t?! With Magic Jinn, you can combine their favorites into one very portable, yet enjoyable game. Magic Jinn is a cute BLUE cat that fits in the palm of your hand and will guess what animal you are thinking of.

Simply answer Magic Jinn’s questions with either No, Yes, I don’t know, or It depends. Hubby tried to stump Jinn a couple times by only answering NO and then another time by answering only YES. And every time it guesses & says ” a clever animal that always says NO” or “a clever animal that always says YES”.

Call me silly or crazy, but sometimes we play with Jinn because we like his accent, how he speaks & his mannerisms with his speech. He’s just a pretty cool cat! On another note, this game does have some educational aspect to it, because it makes you think about specific traits of the animal you are thinking of. And can get pretty granular with it’s guesses. I’m talking animals I’ve never heard of!

The other day I caught my 5 year old Son playing with Jinn. He was trying to get the game to guess himself, Jinn got close, but Collin stumped Magic Jinn!

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