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by Nicolle on August 15, 2012

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While we’ve had our iPad 2 since it came out last year, we never really found anything to protect it from the kids. And the iPad was meant for the kids to use most of the time. We basically walked on pins & needles trying to keep track of it and making sure the kids were responsible with it. Yes, it was dropped a number of times – so we tried to have them only use it in rooms with carpet upstairs, but some how it would get sneaked downstairs where the floor is tiled…it finally resulted in one of the corners of the black frame getting cracked. LUCKILY it still works and has not been affected by it.

After we found the crack in the corner we were still walking on pins & needles with the iPad, however we did not let the kids use the iPad for awhile…but what good is the iPad if it wasn’t being used. Hubby and I go through spurts of using it. Some months we use it all the time and some we don’t even touch it at all. Our lovely iPad situation had to change!! That’s where the M-Edge SuperShell came in to save the day!

Let me tell you…I am a picky person. And even though the iPad cover/case is called “Super” doesn’t really mean it could be Super…so I had to try it out and challenge it before giving it to the kids. I wanted to know if it’s okay to let them have it with little parental supervision and if it could live up to it’s name.

Weighing just nine ounces, it won’t add extra weight to your device – and it protects your iPad from drops and dings. The squishy foam material wraps around the edges of your iPad for a secure fit while the dimpled texture and ridges allow for better grip. High-impact corners protect your iPad from dings and even if you dropped it, the SuperShell bounces to save the iPad from children or the accident prone.

Well, I’m happy to report, it is SUPER…super-duper that is! It should have a cape or something, because it’s so awesome! I mean, I almost want to purchase another iPad, so each kid can have their own and have a SuperShell. My only question is where they have been hiding this awesome accessory.

Ours happens to be Ocean Blue, which is perfect for my boy and my girl and if Daddy happens to be using it. But M-Edge also has them available in:

  • Bubblegum Pink
  • Jungle Green
  • Grape

It truly is an amazing cover, even for grown-ups…especially klutzes. My hubby is a klutz and I can be sometimes too, but it really is much easier to hold the iPad with the SuperShell on it. The grippy sides and easy almost weightlessness of the iPad with the cover Shell on it. I like how genius every nook and cranny that the holes and buttons are. Everything works like normal, just with this awesome weightless grippy shell.

Last but not least – it is not too easy to take the shell off and put on, meaning my kids have not even tried taking it off. I’ve had some challenges taking it off and on, but I only see that as a plus because it really protects my investment. Now, the only thing I wish I could change, is maybe add a kick stand of some sort. I don’t know why, but I keep wanting to prop it up, but then it just falls down.

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