Curious George’s Town App for the iPhone & iPad {giveaway}

by Nicolle on September 12, 2013

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Curious George's Town App for the iPhone & iPad

My kids pretty much rule the roost around here when it comes to the iPad. I mean, I just figured out how to take a screenshot on the iPad.. To learn how to, I googled it, because the kids were asleep :/ But just because I’m not on the up & up on how to use the iPad in fancy ways, I do know how to make sure they are playing some educational BUT fun games with their time. The most recent App we’ve discovered, Curious George’s Town, encompasses what I look for in an app for my kiddos. It’s educational, but not too educational, fun and creative. AND…they pretty much get it after the first go around, meanwhile I’m struggling on the 3rd round…kids.these.days!

Curious George's Town App for the iPhone & iPad

Curious George’s Town for iPad ® and iPhone ®, was developed for pre-school to kindergarten-aged children. Curious George’s Town aims to teach children smart saving and spending habits while engaging kids in creating a virtual world complete with roller coasters, dinosaurs and farm animals. By accomplishing real-world and in-app challenges, children earn virtual coins they can use to purchase a variety of items to create their very own town. Based on the principle of deferred gratification, the app introduces the concepts of strategic planning and careful spending in order to accomplish a goal. The app features a unique reward chart that parents and caregivers can customize by assigning a specific coin value to a list of real-world tasks – such as cleaning up toys. Kids can also supplement their stockpile of virtual savings by tackling in-app educational games such as alphabetizing books at Curious George’s library and collecting the correct items at the grocery store. Guided and narrated by the convivial Man with the Yellow Hat, the fun and engaging app also reinforces concepts like correct spelling, reading and matching.

Curious George's Town App for the iPhone & iPad

Make your way through Curious George’s Town App by exploring the different places to visit, like the Library, Market, Bakery, Park, Pet Store and Fountain. Each store or place will give the kids an opportunity to learn while having fun. They can earn coins to redeem later for different goods to add their Town. It’s basic Kindergarten learning, great for my 5 year old Son, but is also a nice way for my 2nd grader to sharpen her skills.

Curious George's Town App for the iPhone & iPad

I was extremely excited to see this rewards chart, because it allows me to NOW track their few chores they have. It will then allow me to give them coins based on how well they perform a task/chore. It was so funny, when we found this particular page on the App, because my Kid’s thought it was SO cool to have a ‘chore chart’ and get ‘paid’ for their tasks/chores.

Curious George's Town App for the iPhone & iPad

The Kid’s can then spend the coins on what they wish at the store, virtually within the app, which changes depending on how many or how little coins you have. Those items the kids purchase are displayed on the Town page where all the stores & buildings are (which is the 3rd slide up from here).

Curious George's Town App for the iPhone & iPad

My Kid’s favorite store activity on the Curious George’s Town App, is the Bakery. That is where the App asks you to choose a certain number of Candles, certain color of Frosting and you can choose your favorite Toppings. With the Toppings, such as Jelly Beans, Chocolate Chips or Cherries, they always accidentally spill. So you put them back in the jar by counting and then you can move on to decorating your own cake. My Kid’s love crafty/creative things, so this is right up their alley…plus it’s not messy (bonus for Mom)! After the cake is done, then you touch Curious George to give it to him, where you then ‘eat’ the cake together by touching randomly on the cake…my 5 year old Son gets a kick out of this part!

Curious George's Town App for the iPhone & iPad

My Kid’s Curious George Town

In addition to the Bakery, there is also a Pet Shop, where you get coins by feeding particular Pets that need food. And if a customer wants a Pet, then you get coins for selling it. The Park is a great place for the Kid’s to learn about recycling and picking up trash. They enjoy this activity, as they know what to recycle (we already do this at home) and are happy to clean up the Park. Then there is also the Market, where you only allow a certain number of a particular food in your basket. My Kid’s also enjoy playing at The Fountain. It’s a board game they can play on the App with a quick touch to the spinning arrow to determine what color next they can move towards rescuing an Animal on the loose.

My Kid’s really enjoy playing Curious George’s Town App on a daily basis, they both work towards getting the most coins and having fun at the same time! If they need help, they can count on The Man in the Yellow Hat in the upper right hand corner to help them out. The only thing I wish the App allowed was multiple kiddos to sign in. That way, we can keep track of each of my Kid’s accomplishments and chore charts.

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