Bridal Shower for my Sister

by Nicolle on September 8, 2012

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So, um, yah…my Sister got married in early March and we had her Bridal Shower in February. So this is a bit late, but rather late than never, right?! I’m so bad about blogging in the now, because I always feel I’m catching up or taking me time or taking family time.

I never really get a chance to plan parties and at parties, I always feel awkward because I need to be social. I honestly just like looking at pretty things and making them…and I’m a shy person.

There was 3 of us Bridesmaids and I was the Maid of Honor. I assumed I would just host, plan and execute everything – but the other 2 were kind and helped out! One did food, the other did games, favors & helped with the food and I did the decorations! And then we all chipped in for the gift. Ultimately, we all kept our receipts, tallied up what we each had paid and paid others that needed to be and or received money, etc. to make it all fair – which was nice.

When I started planning my Sister’s shower, that’s when I first joined Pinterest. It was a great help for decor, food, games, and favor ideas. It helped nail down a theme and put all the ideas we had in one place AND then we planned the shower from there.

I wanted SO badly to have Mason Jars, Striped Paper Straws & Chalkboard Stickers (for names) as cups for the drinks. It would have been cheap, fun and a great favor. But the Bridesmaid that hosted it at her house, had all the glassware for different drinks. I was SO bummed, but luckily I was able to return everything. I worked so hard finding the best price, best way to execute it and I was really looking forward to it. *If you are wondering. I ultimately found the best deal on drink size Mason Jars at my local Fresh & Easy grocery store, the striped paper straws at Sur la table and Chalkboard Stickers at Michael’s in the Wedding Aisle.* Moving on…

The decor changed a bit, and tried to use inspiration from Party City and Pinterest on a budget. Ultimately, we did Pink & Green colors, with Pink being the main color with accents of Green. Keep in mind, her wedding colors were Orange & Yellow…I wanted to do something girly and different from her upcoming Wedding nuptials.

For the food table decor, we had a white table cloth with a green & pink runner down the middle. I liked the little detail in the Pink Damask print napkins, so I chose the solid green plates to contrast. All purchased at Party City.

I was inspired by these hanging balloons to add more character & decor.

But they ended up looking a little lack luster – especially because it was hard putting them up and working around the ceiling fan.

I used a mixture of balloons, in coordinating colors and paper lanterns. And the paper lanterns were re-used and are now hanging up in my daughter’s room.

Again, purchased from Party City!

What I was going for…a lime & rose centerpiece.

I tried this technique in advance with a few glassware in this shape. I got peas as the filler to keep the in place because limes are expensive. But it didn’t work out like I wanted…so we went with this look:

How it actually turned out.

I made some simply flower bouquets. I searched high & low at the Goodwill’s many every-other-weekend 50% off everything Saturdays. I got 5 vases to match each other, filled them with water, thin slices of lime and put together some simply pink roses.

The drinks & glassware.

To be honest, I don’t remember what it was all called. I do know there was a drink with simple syrup (that I didn’t really care for), a punch with sherbet in it (yummy) and some Mimosa’s!

The Food

And there was a lot of it and it was very tasty!

Fruit Salad, Pasta Salad, Deviled Eggs, Cucumber Sandwich, Chicken Salad Sandwich, Shrimp Sandwich, and much more.

The Desserts.

Cake (almost Wedding like), Chocolate Covered Strawberries, Nothing Bundt Cakes White Chocolate Raspberry Bundtini’s (I brought – because their her fave!) and Wedding Dress Favor Cookies.

I carried the lime water & pink rose center pieces over to the game & favor table.

We had a pink tablecloth for it and added a couple pieces of glassware with coordinating candies.

The glassware, I also found at the Goodwill’s sale & the table cloth is from Party City.

I was also in charge of creating the poster with different photos at different ages of my sister. And had to get them from my Mom! We didn’t end up doing that game, because after dessert everyone thought it was the end :(

Gift Table

With solid pink tablecloth from Party City.

Towel Cake

This was a fun labor of love for me and was also a gift from us girls to my Sister. Stay tuned for the tutorial!

And because I was on a budget and just couldn’t do everything in one party…check out my Bridal Shower Ideas board on Pinterest.

Also, if you are a Bridesmaid, I have a great Bridesmaid board on Pinterest too! It has great hair, nail & shoe ideas!

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